7I52 6 kanálový enkodér 6 sériových kánálů RS-422


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7i52 pictureThe 7I52 is a six channel RS-422 serial plus six channel encoder interface for Mesas Anything I/O series of FPGA interface cards. The 7I52 is designed for motion control applications. A common usage of the 7I52 would be connecting up to six serially interfaced drives to the 7I52s six full duplex RS-422 interfaces and up to six encoders with index to the 7I52s encoder inputs. Two of the 7I52s serial links support RS-485. Encoder inputs can be TTL or differential on a per input basis. The 7I52 can also supply 5V power to encoders. A 7I52S version is available that replaces the six serial interfaces with 12 differential ouputs that can be used as six differential step+ dir output pairs or PWM outputs or other output functions. The controller connection is a 50 pin header that matches the pinout of Mesa's Anything I/O cards. All buffered I/O is terminated with 3.5 mm pluggable screw terminals (supplied)

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