7i39HV - Dvojitý 250W 3 Fázový BLDC driver 50V


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  • Kód: MESA7i39HV
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  • Výrobce: MESA Electronics

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The 7I39 is a Dual 3 Phase bridge driver for Brushless 3 phase motors. The 7I39 is available in low voltage and high voltage models. The low voltage model is rated at 10A 30 VDC per axis while the high voltage model is rated at 5A 50 VDC per axis. Each 3 Phase bridge on the 7I39 has selectable overcurrent limits of .75 times and 1.5 times rated current. An overvoltage clamp protects the 7I39 from inductive voltage surges, reducing the need for large motor supply capacitors. Low on resistance MOSFETs and high performance gate drivers give the 7I39 high efficiency. Gate power is derived from logic side power so that unlike other bridges, the drivers are functional all the way down to 0V motor power supply, allowing safe and easy setup and testing. Encoder and Hall effect inputs are RC filtered and processed through a Schmitt trigger before being forwarded to the FPGA. The 7I39 is compatible with the 4I34M, 4I65, 4I68, 5I20 and 7I60 Anything I/O cards.

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Tuesday 13. April 2010.

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