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Duzi R5 Nova
Duzi R5 Nova

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Pushrod holder and next tunings for T-Rex600
Never more of uncomfortable works with original holders. These holder averting deflection of pushrod. Part of this holder is also rod slide ring which makes possible to light driving in different angles of rod. Also we offer new other tunings for T-Rex 600 like is for example mounts of tail boom support for their better function. Also we have prepared light tail servo holder. More informations by email or here

Bracket for tail boom support 30 & 50 helis (T-Rex600)
Ultra light bracket for tail boom support prohibitive of vibrations. Also averting flexion of boom. Necessary is support's boom take over silicon tube. This bracket is possible to use for support's booms to diameter 5mm (max 6mm). Types are different in dimension between rods. Look in detail info in concrete product. More informations by email or here

Metal Tail Servo Mounts
After some next our experience with Protos we would like offer to you next our tuning. It is tail servo mounts. We have 3 types for micro(mini), midi and standard servos. Also these holders have mount for antistatics cable which we have also in stock (MT9110).

Tail boom support holder and pushrod holder
Like next we have also prepared pushrod holder and tail boom support holder for better desing and less statics...

 More informations by email or here

Tail CNC Pulley
Metal but lightweight pulley for MSH Protos. Precision manufacturing of the pulley provides a good transfer of the energy.

Tail CNC Tensive Pulley
Precision metal tensive pulleys provide very good wiring of belt. More informations here

Due to the approaching 2,4GHz technology, we designed a special extension bracket which moves the center of gravity to the correct location and enables a pleasant handling of the transmitter. This bracket is suitable also for transmitters with the classical antenna. More informations here

Monthly Specials For May
Maxir - Holder for 3D Without Horizontal Fin
Maxir - Holder for 3D Without Horizontal Fin
341CZK  220CZK
Save: 35% off
Maxir - Adjustable Tail Servo Mount
Maxir - Adjustable Tail Servo Mount
341CZK  220CZK
Save: 35% off
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